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Why I Made The Switch To Safe Skincare And Makeup

Why I Made The Switch To Safe Skincare And Makeup

Hey there! 

I know you probably have seen me post recently post periodically on both my Instagram and Facebook pages about Beautycounter and  environmental toxins in skincare products. So today I wanted to share with all of you a little about my personal health journey, and how that ultimately helped me make the decision to switch up my skincare and makeup products! I also am going to share with you a few of my favorite products and my daily skincare routine!

Alrighty, so to make a long story short, I have personally been battling some pretty nasty hormone issues since I had our third child. Weight gain, hair loss, skin rashes, cold body temperature, fatigue, low libido, gastrointestinal problems, and abnormal menstrual cycles. When all of this occurred of course the first thing I changed was my diet. However, as I began to research more and more I realized that diet alone was not good enough to help my hormones get back on track, I needed to eliminate other environmental toxins that I was exposing myself to every single day such as cleaning products and everything I put onto my body (hair products, lotions, body wash, hand soap, perfume and makeup). Most of us don't think about it, but women especially are constantly putting toxic ingredients onto our bodies throughout the day, and most of these products are full of harmful ingredients that have been proven in numerous studies to be linked to cancers, hormone disruption, autoimmune disease, and allergies. 

So I made the choice to eliminate all the harmful chemicals I had control over. I started making my own cleaning sprays and  lotions, using organic shampoos, doing the oil cleansing method, and wearing little to no makeup. This worked, but truthfully I missed the shine in my hair,  I missed putting on little makeup and getting done up, and now that I am 31 I would like to age gracefully with a little help with some science backed products! I loved knowing that I was using products that were non toxic, but I missed the performance factor.  

This is where Beautycounter came into my life and literally changed everything for me!! I discovered Beautycounter through a fellow blogger that had experienced her own health struggles just like me. I decided to dig deeper and learn about the company and found that it was such an amazing company with an amazing mission to change the beauty industry for everyone and get safe products into the hand of everyone! Not only is their mission amazing, they have some of the strictest standards of any cosmetic company  I have come across. They ban more than 1,500 potentially harmful ingredients, they batch screen all products for heavy metals,  they do quarterly research on ingredients, and almost every product is rated between a 0-2 with a few rated a 3 in the EWG's skindeep database and is EWG verified which is absolutely awesome!! I highly recommend you downloading the app on your smart phone for an easy reference.  

 I immediately new I wanted to get involved and I dove right in trying the products. I instantly fell in love with every product I tried. every product performed just as well, if not better than all the top brands I had used in previous years. My hair felt smooth and shiny, my face was radiant and glowing, and  my mascara actually stayed on all day without smearing.  Finally safe products that also performed!!! 

My daily skincare routine is  pretty simple:

  1.  I currently use the Charcoal Cleansing Bar for my cleanser both morning and night. As winter rolls in I will keep you all updated because it does get extremely dry here in Colorado during the winter so I may need to cut back. For now this works great for me.
  2. Then I apply 3 drops of one of the Face Oils. I have been using both the Balancing and Hydrating Oils. I will usually use one in the morning and switch the the other at night.
  3. Then I apply the Rejuvenating Radiance Serum which is part of the anti-aging line. My routine is literally that simple!! 
  4. I apply some Lip Conditioner in peppermint to my lips every evening before bed. 

Then I have a few items I use not daily but do use throughout the week. I love the Cleansing Balm which I use once to twice a week as a hydrating overnight mask as well as to cleanse with it when I feel like my skin is getting a little dry. I will  apply just a little on my face if I feel like my skin is a little drier than normal. Another item I use weekly is the Charcoal Face Mask. I love this stuff! The charcoal pulls the toxins from the skin and leaves my skin more glowing and helps clear blemishes. I like to use the mask at least once a week. You can also do overnight spot treatments with it if you have a pimple.  The Sun Stick is another item I keep with me at all times because I go on long walks and hikes frequently. The sun stick is easy to apply and does not leave any white residue like most sun screens do. I use this on all my kids as well because it is so convenient and I can trust that I am not putting any harmful ingredients onto their little bodies. I am pretty simple on makeup unless I am going out for a special occasions. For my everyday look when I do apply makeup I  always apply some Mascara,  I use the Dew Tint Moisturizer because I don't like much coverage but it gives me a nice glow, and I will use some Lip Gloss.  To try any of these products shop here 


I'm really excited where this company and the positive change we will see in the cosmetic industry in years to come because of the mission Beautycounter is on! If you are that person who I was just a few years back battling with chronic health issues than I do suggest you take the step and not only eat clean food, but also eliminate the environmental toxins in your life. I promise, you will see a difference, and if you don't you will reap the benefits years down the line!!

I am always happy to answer any questions that you may have about the company and products! just leave a comment or shoot me an email! Also, if you feel the calling to join Beautycounter's mission you can join me and my team of amazing women where I will give you one on one support as your mentor. To join click here !!

I'll be in touch soon



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