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Safer Skincare Feature On Fox 21 News

Safer Skincare Feature On Fox 21 News

Back in January I joined Colorado Springs Fox 21 Morning News Show for a morning all about safer/cleaner skincare and beauty products which you can watch HERE.  I have touched on the subject of safer skincare already a few times on my blog because as I dig deeper into the research and educate myself more about the industry, I have found that most people, even the people who are already health conscious are very unaware of what is in their personal care products. I think it is safe to say that health and wellness for the majority of people is focused on exercise and healthy eating. However, you rarely hear people tell you to look look at your makeup and skincare or cleaning products to become healthier. 

There are many reasons behind this, but one reason that is very evident is that most people will not see a huge difference immediately in their health by cleaning up their personal care products unless they are already sick. When you change your diet and you exercise you can see and feel within weeks and even days a difference. Hidden toxins in personal care products are different. It is the constant exposure that over time leads to sickness. By limiting our exposure to these harmful chemicals such as parabens. phlatates, and heavy metals just to name a few, we are lowering our risk and in some cases even preventing the onset of disease and illness years down the road. 

I know safer also means more expensive just like healthier food is more expensive. It really is an investment into your health and in the long run will pay off!! Hopefully someday that won't be the case because all companies will be upheld to the same strict standards and ALL products that are sold whether that be at Walmart or Nordstroms will be safe!!  When making the transition I always suggest to begin with the products you use the most frequently. If you wash your your face daily and apply moisturizer day and night and wash your hair daily then starting with those products are the best because you are getting the most exposure. Deodorant is another big one because it can be very toxic and we use it daily. I actually just ordered a new safe deodorant called Happy Pits Detox because I have yet to find one that actually works which you can find HERE. After I have tried it I will definitely  update you all with my thoughts on the product!!  Maybe you don't wear makeup daily so that can be one of the last  products you switch over. There are definitely some more cost effective clean options available especially on a budget I always suggest Dr. Bronner's. For those of you looking for high performing products that give you results but are also safe my favorite is Beautycounter not only because the products work amazing, but also because of the work they are putting forth to get safer products available to everyone.  I have compiled a list of a several of my favorite companies that I trust: 


Primal Life Organics

Primally Pure

100% Pure


There are also a couple of amazing resources that are completely free that are full of information and helpful material. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a Skin Deep database where you can look up your personal care products and see what they rate on a scale of 1-10. The lower the number the better, and strive to select products with a rating of 3 or less. Safecosmetics.org is another great resource where you can find research studies and information about products. 

I  have a skincare group on Facebook: Pure Beauty Skin Deep that I would love for you to join me if you want to stay in the loop on safer beauty products and  learn more about how to keep your skin healthy and glowing! If you have any questions about products or what products are best for your skin type or if you have a specific skin condition I would love to set up a free consultation with your or just answer any general questions you may have. Just send me an email!! 



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